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Where can I find a SMART / PDR Technician ?

Technicians are located in most parts of the UK. Some are both SMART and PDR and may also cover windscreen, alloy wheels and vehicle interior repairs.

The technicians shown here may be part of a larger franchise operation or be independants. WE DO NOT endorse or recommend any of the technicians listed here as we do not have personal knowledge of their work.

We recommend you check from previous work they may have carried out or letters/statements of recommendation and use your own judgement and common sense as to their suitability for the task you require.

Our own operation is based in the North East of England near Durham and covers the Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle area. The details can be found on our contact page.

Click on the link below for a map of UK technicians including details of services offered.

SMART Repairers UK