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What is PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) ?

It is the art of removing dents and small damage to body panels in automotive vehicle's without the use of fillers or paint. Usually this type of damage would be carried out by a bodyshop who would either fill and paint the damaged panel or remove internal components in order to gain access to the damage and use a hammer and dolly to knock the dents back out. This would then require filling and the panel painting . Sometimes panel or door replacement would be recommended.

Now there is a technical skill and sophisticated tools which can remove these dents without the removal of any components so long as access can be gained through an existing door, bonnet or boot aperture. This does not require the facilities of a traditional body repair shop and can be carried out at your home or work place.

Instead of a dolly and hammer to bash the metal back into shape the technicians specialist tools and skills are used to massage the dent back into its former shape. This usually results in a near perfect repair in a fraction of the time. The total cost of repair substantially reduced accordingly.

Sometimes, where the metal has stretched or the paint is cracked or damaged the skills of the technician come into play. The PDR technician often has the skills to do this and usually has a background in bodyshop respraying. Here the damage is repaired in a localised manner without respraying the whole panel. The resulting repair will restore the panel or door to its original finish.

PDR works best on smooth panels that have shallow dents where the paint has not cracked the paintwork. Not all repairs can be carried out this way. Some repairs may still be noticable under certain lighting conditions however this may be acceptable bearing in mind the cost saving involved, age or condition of the vehicle. The SMART/PDR technicians experience will be able to advise the most suitable repair and its likely outcome.

Incidently some technicians have repaired dents in fridges and washing machine panels as the techniques are the same for any sheet metal or aluminium.

We recommend DentMasterNE for a professional paintless dent repair.

PDR Paintless Dent Removal at your home or business in the North East.

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