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What is SMART - Small Medium Automobile Repair Technique ?

SMART is the art of repairing small damaged areas on vehicles without the removal of interior panels or respraying the whole panel in a traditional body repair shop. These repairs are carried out using state of the art equipment and a water based paint process. This is an envirometal friendly process that , once hardened, is no different to any other vehicle paint surface and needs no special treatment once cured.

The SMART technician carries out the repair at your home or work place and may only require an electric socket and fresh water.

The paint match is carried out from the technicians on board stock and results in a near perfect match to the vehicle.

Scratches and scrapes can usually be removed without the use of paint by using specialist compounds and equipment. This works best on light surface scratches but would not work where both the lacquer coat and underlying paint surface has been broken. Again you have the choice of a perfect repair or near perfect where the damage is not as noticeable. The difference is in the time and therefore cost to you.

You can see various examples of this on our Repair Images pages where we show near perfect repairs and not perfect (at the customers request).

Please be aware that the weather, especially in the winter months, can have a baring on the repairs being carried out on the appointed day.

"Near perfect" is used to describe the repair as the factory machine (robot) finish of the vehicle cannot be replicated on site. Colour matching is provided by a third party paint manufacturer which may not be the same supplier to the manufacturer. You, the owner of the vehicle, will always be aware that a repair has taken place however this should not be visible to a potential buyers.